Digital and political communication agency based in Switzerland.


Improving communication

between regions


We are a Swiss communication agency with a focus on communication projects in Italian and political affairs. We help improving the communication between the different linguistic regions of the country. We are specialized in digital technologies and political and public affairs.


Our two offices are in Mendrisio, where we created a co-working space with some of our partners, and in Bern, close to the central Railway station and the National Parliament.

Our services

Public affairs & campaigns

We have a special interest in public affairs and political campaigns. We have helped parties and associations to create engaging campaigns and develop their capacity to communicate political issues. We also helped our clients improving their capacity through specialized training and workshops concerning the use of new technologies for political campaigns.

Social Media & Web design

Whether you need someone to manage your social media channels or develop a new website for your business, we can help you to improve your business’ online presence.

Communication in Italian

We help our clients to implement marketing and communication campaigns in Italian. Our services are especially oriented to those who are interested in markets with Italian-speaking persons.

B2B (agencies and consultancy firms)

If your agency or consultancy firm is in need of external consultants to complete your team, then you’re in the right place. Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us help you with your project!

A few examples of our work (in Italian)

International projects

If you’re interested in our consulting services for an international project, please do contact us to inquiry if we can help you.

We offer: advisory services in political and election campaigns, capacity building in social media and online technologies, workshops and trainings in political campaigns. We will be happy to share with you our experience.

Pilot Project “Observing Social Media during Elections”

In May 2019, a new European Parliament has been elected. During this election, AEGEE Election Observation led a mission in 18 countries to observe elections. In the context of this mission, BMine Consulting helped the mission to implement a pilot project aimed at systematically observing for the first time, social media profiles of young candidates and political parties across the European Union. If you’re interested to know more, download and read the full report!


The founder of BMine Consulting

Welcome to BMine Consulting! Since you’ve made it so far, I’ll tell you something about myself. I graduated in political science at the University of Bern (CH) in 2012. After an experience as research assistant in political economy, I volunteered as political analyst with UNDP Chad. In 2016 he started working as independent consultant for political campaigns in Switzerland, and in 2017 I founded BMine Consulting. The same year I also started participating as short- and long term observer in OSCE ODIHR missions in Russia, Armenia, Moldova and North Macedonia.

I hope that you’ll find something helpful among our services. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions that you want to share, just write us an email. It doesn’t take long and it will make us happy!

Marco Battaglia, M.A.
Marco Battaglia

Our network of partners

Communication, public relations

Graphic designer

Web developer

Interested in joining our network?

We are constantly looking for new consultants and freelancers that would like to join our network of partners and create synergies. The modern technologies have created new opportunities for remote collaboration. We believe in this new business model that allows to have low fixed costs while benefitting from a growing number of professionals available to work on our clients’ projects.

Some of our happy clients

ACSI | Alliance Sud | Associazione SÌ Scuola di tutti Comitato No Billag No Svizzera | Kommunikation Schweiz CS/KS | Consultati SA | CORSI  SRG-SSR | Feinheit AG | Greenpeace Schweiz | Alpeninitiative | Pluswert Gmbh | Studio di Consulenza dietetica Mangiasano | Verein Uniti dal Diritto | WWF Schweiz | Raiffeisen| Festa danzante 2019 | und mehr


Winner European Excellence Award 2018 – Switzerland, Germany, Austria

The award was given to the coalition of Swiss regional committees that campaigned against the “No Billag Initiative”. Among them, there is the Swiss Italian committee „No Billag No Svizzera“ which was coordinated by BMine Consulting (the others are: Association Non à la disparition des radios et tv, Comite SRG Avegnir, Komitee NEIN zum Sendeschluss).

Come contattarci

Marco Battaglia, CEO
Via G. Rizzi 1A, 6850 Mendrisio,
Bahnohofstrasse 1, 3011 Bern

T: +41 91 210 57 36
E: [email protected]